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The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu facilitates you with lots of beautiful places to visit making your time. enjoyable. In addition, it is the main doorstep to rest of the Nepal. Kathmandu valley is rich with the Nepalese culture and the architectural heritages.


There are lots of different places to visit Kathmandu. Among them, some of the best places are Dakshinkali, Sankhu Bajrajogini, Hanumandhoka, Nagarkot, Thankot and many more.
Dankshkali is one of the top places to explore around Kathmandu. It is very well known Hindu goddess Kali temple located 22km south of Kathmandu valley. While returning, you can also visit the temple of Shesh Narayan which is a cave temple. This is the temple where Guru Padmasambhava is said to have achieved his physical power via meditation.
Sankhu and Bajrajogini are another top 10 places to visit Kathmandu Nepal. It is a Newari town that has different historic buildings and temples. They are one of the fine places to visit near Kathmandu valley.

Hanuman Dhoka is royal palace of Kathmandu which was built in the Lichhavi period. However, the compound was extended significantly by King Pratap Malla during 17th century. Recently the palace is closed due to damage of earthquake; once it’s constructed you can visit this beautiful palace again.

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Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal has lots of beautiful places to visit which makes your day enjoyable.

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