These are some safety guides to be followed while attempting some adventurous activities ::

    • The itineraries we apply often times contain tough activities and physical demands beyond which you may usually practice at home. Additionally, these activities are on occasion started in remote areas.

    • Almost every people you meet during the travels will be authentic, welcoming and sincere. However, as anywhere, there is a small part aggressive on the innocent tourists

    • You always need to Be consistent & Aware of Your Surroundings while travelling. If you ignore this you might be in the trouble

    • Avoid Keeping All of Your Money & economic wealth in One Place & Keep a Records of necessary Financial Information

    • Better take the first aid box along with necessary medicines, you might need it while travelling.

    • Make sure you are informed and stay in touch with the embassy of your country

    • Different countries contain different rules and system according to the transport, communications, safety and much more. So before planning for the trip, you have to check out those rules and regulation and follow them when you are there