Packages Information

Packages Information

Let us design your holiday with your special interests and needs in mind, whether those interests are in European countries or Asian countries.We heartily welcome all of you to join us for a wonderful and memorable tour experiences once in a lifetime journey.

If you planning to spend your holidays in Japan, south Korea ,Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, China, Indonesia and many other Asian and European countries If so, Sitara Travels Pvt Ltd is here to help you in making your trip a memorable and enjoyable.

Our aim is to offer you the best travel services available and to advise you on the most appropriate itinerary as well. We always give first priority to the safety and satisfaction of the travelers and design and conduct the tour programs according to your wish. We are also committed to offering you the best value and will gladly custom design trips according to your specific budget and priorities in mind. We will make sure that your visit to Asian and European countries truly memorable experience.


    1.  Japan 

In present context,we are offering 9 nights 10 days tour package for Japan. we have different religious and naturally beautiful places to visit there.some places we are visiting are:

fuji mountain

ueno japan



  1.  Korea
  2.  China
  3.  Singapore
  4.  Malaysia Tour Package. “Truly Asia”
  5.  Indonesia
  6.  Dubai Tour Package. “The City of Gold
  7.  India
  8. Thailand Tour Package. “A Truly Remarkable City”